Wagyu Beef Strip Loin

(Australian) Fresh whole strip loin

This whole Wagyu beef strip loin is a classic. The intra-muscular marbling that Wagyu cattle are known for melts at very low temperature, so it really is “melt-in-your-mouth” tender. The “strip” is a steakhouse favorite and prized by chefs worldwide. Serve Wagyu beef strip loins at your next gathering for a dinner to be remembered! This whole strip loin has plenty of potential. A favorite is to carve up steaks for the grill. This 11 to 12 lbs avg can easily serve a party of 15 or more after trimming. Serve smaller portions than you would traditional beef. This  is extremely rich meat and even hearty appetites will be satisfied with modest portions (approx 6 to 8 oz steaks are PLENTY). One of the most flavorful cuts of an “ordinary” cow . . . now step up to Wagyu. This is the perfect choice for steak lovers at your next special gathering.

Also wonderful to roast whole (or cut in half) and carve for amazing steak sandwiches on crusty rolls. A great option is to sous vide and then carve–easy way to serve a crowd!

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Weight: 12 to 13 lbs avg

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Weight 12 to 13 lbs avg


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The Waguy bloodline history is from the finest cattle in the world. The prized Kobe beef of Japan is from Wagyu cattle. This breed is prized for traits like slow growth, intense intra-muscular marbling, which produce high levels of unsaturated fat (vs. saturated) yet it is quite lean as far as “external” fat. A strict feeding process based off the traditional Japanese protocol combined with the natural traits of this breed produce unrivaled beef. Sustainable ranching practices, with diets of natural grass, provide for healthy cattle free of medications or hormones. This Wagyu is “PUREBRED”--meaning it is certified at least 15/16 Wagyu. These specialty cattle are raised with strict guidelines, attention to detail and great care for the animals in Australia.

How to Prep/Store

The number one tip is DO NOT OVERCOOK! Wagyu is marbled with a high concentration of unsaturated fat, considered the “good” fat, which melts at very low temperatures--creating almost a “self basting” during cooking. You can trim and roast whole then carve table side, trim tail and tip for a more uniform roast (by all means save for a stir fry or a quick weeknight stroganoff). Sear in a hot skillet or on the grill briefly, then roast at 400 degrees just long enough to bring to rare/medium rare. Then MAKE SURE to let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes. It will continue to rise in temperature and will also allow juices to settle and not escape when carving.

Recipe Ideas

This whole strip loin can be trimmed (cut off first few inches of "tip & tail" and reserve for quick stir fry, small bites or carpaccio). Cut thicker section of loin in half horizontally to have three sections of meat that are similar in diameter. Then carve approximately one-inch thick steaks and season with nothing more than good sea salt and fresh-cracked pepper. Sear on the grill and move to cooler section of grill to finish to medium rare or desired temperature.  DO NOT OVERCOOK. You will lose the tender quality of this prized beef! Chef's tip: IMPORTANT--let rest for at least 10 minutes before serving.Photo shows carved bison and Wagyu stripling sandwich platter- crowd pleaser!