Wagyu Beef Tenderloin

(Australian) whole tenderloin

Tenderloin from the king of cattle–Wagyu–for the ULTIMATE dinner party. The natural marbling in this Wagyu Beef Tenderloin creates unrivaled flavor which really does melt in your mouth! This is the prized whole tenderloin of a “purebred” ( at least 15/16 ) Wagyu. Be adventurous and serve chateaubriand or carve up petit filets and pan sear to preserve the delicate quality of the tenderloin. This is an extremely rich meat so smaller portions are appropriate. Six-ounce servings are plenty. Average size is 6 lbs pre-trimmed with “chain” removed. You will have very little trimming required. Wagyu is known for its intra-muscular marbling not exterior “fat cap” (although utilize any you have by rendering for sautés). This is graded as A3 which is equal or better than USDA Prime.

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Weight: 5 to 7 lbs avg

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Weight 5 to 7 lbs avg


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These cattle are an incredible heritage breed with strong qualities and packed with superior flavor! This is a "pure bred" which means at least 15/16 Wagyu. The Wagyu cattle are prized for being a very strong and fertile breed with very little exterior fat but generous intra-muscular marbling. They have a higher percentage of unsaturated fat than traditional beef which makes for incredibly rich meat with more 'healthy fat." Sounds crazy, right? These cattle are raised naturally in Australia without hormones or medications.

How to Prep/Store

There is no such thing as a “scrap" with this tenderloin. Reserve bits for ground beef or stuffing, save any leftover small pieces for an out of this world stir fry or “hot pot. The number one tip is DO NOT OVERCOOK!   In Japan it is often served and prized near “raw.” Our American palates are more accustomed to searing to rare or medium rare. If not utilizing whole tenderloin, wrap remaining portion in parchment paper then tightly in plastic wrap and store in refrigerator for up to four days or freeze if you won't be able to enjoy the rest quickly.

Recipe Ideas

Top chefs recommend to sear in a skillet very briefly and finish in the oven to rare or medium rare, so as to not overwhelm the delicate tenderloin with the grill. (Save the grill for the Ribeye or Strip Loin). This is extremely rich meat and even hearty appetites will be satisfied with modest portions. Six ounces for average--8 oz for HEARTY appetites. Approximately one-inch steaks for a 6 oz portion. You may wish to split the thicker end in half lengthwise to keep portions similar or feed your "hearty" ones from the thicker end of the tenderloin. Roast whole at 300 degrees after a quick sear in HOT skillet to rare/medium rare. LET REST for at least 20 minutes, then carve table side for a chateaubriand like never before. Click for RECIPE for classic sauce.