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White truffle oil is a bit of a misnomer, but the exquisite AROMA of the coveted white truffle comes through in this quality Italian Umbrian oil. This is a truly delicate oil infused with the distinct aroma and taste of white truffles. The flavors complement one another and are a perfect finishing oil for a multitude of dishes. Sprinkle on farm-fresh scrambled eggs or toss in fresh-cooked pasta. A little goes a long way! Wonderful to drizzle on truffle popcorn or ad to deviled eggs. ( see recipe and photo below)

The flavor and aroma are superior to any variety you will find at a local shop. Available in an 8.8 oz value-size for the serious truffle lover. This Selezione white truffle oil is a  Chef’s favorite for full truffle flavor.


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Weight 8.0 oz

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Selezione Tartufi is a respected truffle harvester from Savigno, Italy, also known as "truffle town." They harvest fresh truffles in the wild with specially trained dogs. After a truffle is located a special handcrafted tool is used to unearth the buried treasure. Truffles grow most often with the roots of oak, hazelnut and poplar trees in a symbiotic relationship. They have a state-of-the-art facility where these underground culinary jewels are crafted into delicious year-round ingredients for your gourmet pantry.

How to Prep/Store

As with all quality oils, store out of direct sunlight and away from heat. Keep tightly sealed and enjoy as flavors and aroma will diminish over time. This is not something to "save" for special occasions. Available in 2.1 oz bottle or 8.8 oz bottle for those who know how much they enjoy the aroma and flavor of the white truffle.

Recipe Ideas

White truffle oil is incredibly fragrant and a little goes a long way. Drizzle over fluffy scrambled eggs for a weekend brunch. For a quick supper cook pasta and drizzle with white truffle oil and a generous amount of fresh Parmesan and toss. If you have some Maitake mushrooms on hand to sauté up, NOW you really have a quick and special pasta dinner. Try this recipe for Lemon truffle eggs for your next gathering.