White Truffle Salt – URBANI

Grey Guerande salt with white truffle

Truffle salt is like magic pixie dust in your kitchen, and white truffle salt is simply magical! This is high-quality fine Guerande grey sea-salt from the coast of France with bits of real white truffle in it. The white truffle is the crown jewel of the truffle world. It does not take to cultivation and only grows in harmony with the roots of certain trees (usually oaks and hazelnuts ) in the countryside of Italy. The aroma of the white truffle is intense and the flavor equal to its aroma. The umami quality is like no other.

White truffle salt can transform sautéed mushrooms, french fries, and popcorn to other worlds. It is far superior to truffle oil as it has real truffle in it, and this is one is on chefs’ shelves. Beware of low-quality imposters in the “specialty” store.

The fresh white truffle is a true gem, available only for a short time each year and often fetching $200 or more per oz. This truffle salt is a true value.

White Truffle Salt 3.5 oz jar.

Weight: 3.5 oz
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Weight 3.5 oz

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Urbani truffles have been a leader in the truffle industry for decades. Recent exposure of the corruption and deception in this prized gem shows how important quality is! This is real grey sea salt from Guerande France mixed with real white truffle. The flavor combination is exquisite.

How to Prep/Store

Comes in a 3.5 oz jar. Keep lid well sealed--this very fine salt will clump and the truffles will loose their potency if exposed to the elements. That will make you very sad.

Recipe Ideas

Ooohhh, want to kick up Happy Hour? White truffle popcorn will do it. Just sayin' . . . you can use white truffle oil as well but I must admit I am a fan of real butter and truffle salt. The flavor and aroma of the white truffle is superior to all others!