Wild Boar- rack 6-8 lb avg.

Frenched rack 10 bone

This Wild boar rack will change the way you think about pork. Wild boar is just that- wild, not raised by commodity farmers. The meat is dark and red and quite lean as they get plenty of exercise roaming about the forests. The texture is a bit similar to beef, more so than traditional pork. The flavor is superb and tastes like real pork.

These boars were originally imported from Russia years ago. Well, sometimes the best-laid plans don’t quite work out. The wild boar can be quite destructive to local farmers. They can root up acres of land in a day. Lucky for us, they are quite delicious and the trapping and harvesting by professionals utilizing safety and quality standards is a win-win solution. (read: USDA inspections) Most people who have had an unpleasant experience with a wild-game-meat is because it was not processed properly. ( just maybe your cousins’ buddy who cleaned and processed the animal in the back of a pickup truck isn’t exactly a professional?)

Try a wild boar rack for your next dinner party! Great presentation. Great Taste! ( or carve up into chops and cook on the grill) This hearty meat can stand up well to full-bodied red wine. So, get busy planning your next gathering.

Wild Boar Rack – 10 bones each 6-8lbs average

Weight: 7 lb avg
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Weight 7 lb avg

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These wild boar are originally imported from Russia. They are a very hearty stock which inter-bred with local hogs. Unfortunately, these well-laid plans turned out to be a problem, as the population quickly expanded. These wild boars can quickly root up acres of land. Fortunately, their poor behavior does not impact their amazing qualities on your dinner plate! This lean, meat which is free from antibiotics, hormones and the likes, is a healthful and tasty protein. Yes- they really Are, WILD, but harvested and processed humanely and under scrutiny for safety.

Recipe Ideas

This rack of wild boar lends itself to an elegant preparation by roasting whole in a 350 oven. First rub down with your favorite spice blend, salt, and pepper. Cook to your desired level of doneness ( 140 for a nice, slightly rosy center) OR carve into chops and quickly grill. Terrific with braised Brussels sprouts and smashed potatoes with truffles.