Yellow Datterino Tomatoes -Italy (hg)

Yellow datterino tomatoes are a specialty variety native to Italy. The San Marzano gets a lot of attention but the datterino is equally prized in Italy. The yellow datterino is very difficult to source in the US. These  tomatoes were a 2014 SOFI awards finalst at the Fancy Food Show. They were hand selected for the Trentasette line and are free of  additives, colorings or artificial ingredients. Just fresh picked and bottled, naturally sweet yellow datterino tomatoes. A simple tomato sauce over imported Italian pasta can’t be beat. Try the Filotea egg tagliatelle for a quick week night supper. Or toss with Squid ink linguini and seared scallops for a little more pizzaz.

Keep several jars  on hand for ’emergencies’.

Yellow Datterino tomatoes 12.35 oz jar ( 350g)

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Weight 1

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The Trentasette collection is a wonderful collection of artisnal ingredients from Italy. To be more specific,  the name Trentasette- referring to the latitude of Sicily. All are from regional producers who take great pride to maintain quality standards and offer ingredients difficult to source in US markets. They have a wonderful line of truffle sauces, pestos and these wonderful datterino tomatoes.

How to Prep/Store

These datterino tomatoes are the yellow variety and come in a 12.35 oz jar ( or 350g) They are shelf stable until the date on label by they probably won't last that long.

Recipe Ideas

Yellow datterino tomatoes are a real treat. Use them in most any tomato based recipe but it is best to let their flavor shine. A simple simmered sauce of fresh yellow  datterino tomatoes, a few cloves of crushed garlic is all you really need. Boil a good quality Italian pasta ( such as Filotea Egg Tagliatelle ) according to directions ( 4 minutes in salted water) and toss together along with a health grating of fresh parmesan. A quick weeknight meal that will not disappoint. Why would you go through the drive thru when you can prepare this delicious meal in about 10 minutes?