Yellow Foot Mushroom – Wild

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The Yellow Foot mushroom is a beautiful and delicious wild-harvested mushroom. It has many of the characteristics of the chanterelle. The texture is velvety and the stems range in color from vibrant yellow to ochre. Hence the name Yellow Foot mushroom.

Delicious sautéed in a little butter and olive oil and served as a complement to a variety of dishes. One pound package

Limited availability– ships Mon through Thursday depending on supply. Contact us for special requests.

The Yellow Foot mushroom is a seasonal treat for your kitchen.

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These wild Yellow Foot mushrooms are hand harvested by seasoned mushroom hunters. A trained eye and thoughtful journey goes into a mushroom hunt. Viva Gourmet customers reap the benefit of the fresh harvested treasures of the forest. Yours will be hand selected and carefully packaged for you.

How to Prep/Store

These fresh wild Yellow Foot mushrooms are only available seasonally and have a short shelf life. This is one of the things that makes them such a treasure! Although their color will fade and they quickly show signs of wilt, the taste is still delicious! We recommend lightly brushing off any traces of their wild heritage. If washed they will quickly absorb water to the detriment of their texture. Store in refrigerator in a paper bag or lightly covered with paper towel.

Recipe Ideas

Lightly chop Yellow Foot mushrooms and combine in a medium hot skillet with fresh chopped beet greens or Swiss chard. These delicate greens are the perfect complement to the silky texture of the Yellow Foot. Sautee until greens are perfectly wilted and mushrooms silky. Sprinkle to taste with sea salt and fresh pepper. A finish with Minus8 Dehydrate vinegar will really set the this dish apart!