Celebrating with a Crowd- Sandwiches Anyone?

Feeds 3/4

buffalo, buffalo tenderloin, buffalo strip loin

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Pull meat from refrigerator and let set at room temp for about 45 min- 1 hour before starting.

In generations before now, folks entertained at home with simple GOOD ingredients. This is a take back to some ideas from an old James Beard book on entertaining. Keep it simple but use good quality ingredients. A good steak sandwich is hard to beat and an easy way to feed a crowd!

The best thing about using a whole Buffalo Strip loin or tenderloin is how simple it is to prepare. Buffalo is extremely lean  meat . You will have very little trimming or prep work. On the tenderloin, simply pull of the side muscle ( aka the chain) and trim off any silver skin. This will take all of 10 minutes (if you are nervous!). For the Strip loin , very little trimming is necessary at all. DISCLAIMER. If you like well done meat- Buffalo is NOT for you. The meat is extremely lean. It is meltingly tender at Medium or below but can become ‘shoe leather’ at higher temperatures. Just warning you!

Season liberally with salt/pepper ( or your favorite steak rub). Since you will be carving thin for sandwiches there really is no need for searing. ( you can place under broil at end to add some additional color if desired)) Roast in a 350 degree oven for approximately 25+/- minutes for a tenderloin. Five – ten minutes more for a strip loin. Check internal temperature with an instant read thermometer at  25 minutes. Remove from oven when meat reaches 130 degrees, (or your desired level of doneness). Remember, temperature will continue to rise as it rests.  It should rise to 135 for beautiful medium rare carved beef.( bison)

Slice thinly and pile on a platter. Tent with foil.

*** Alternatively- if you have a sous vide, cut meat in half and vacuum seal each half after seasoning. Cook in sous vide set at 135 for 3-4 hours or up to 8. (You can do this while you are at an event) If desired- place under broiler to sear and color outside of meat prior to slicing but honestly is not very necessary with the style of presentation. You Could even slice up the meat, return to  vacuum bags and keep at temp in the sous vide bath. Then just slice the bags open and place on platter!


While meat is cooking and resting….

Pull out sandwich rolls ( heat if desired).

Make a cheese platter with an assortment of cheeses like cheddar, swiss, havarti, fresh mozzarella etc. ( See note above- I bet your local deli can make one for you)

Create another platter of sliced fresh tomatoes and onions ( Heirloom tomatoes and sweet onions such as Vidalia if available)

One more platter or large bowl filled with mixed greens.

Accompany with a  bowl of Horseradish sauce( a must), Pommerey mustard and possibly some garlic Aioli.

Set out a bottle off good balsamic and olive oil.

Allow guests to assemble combine just how they like it! You have a wonderful sandwich/salad bar with serious yum factor. Easy Peasy!

Have tubs filled with craft beers, an assortment of sparkling waters and several bottles of your favorite wines. (Pinot Noir is good compliment to this sandwich fare.)

This won’t take any longer than picking up and setting out a bunch of pick up catering . It will however be MUCH better!


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