• 1 teaspoon to taste Truffle Sauce – Selezione
  • cheese, 3-4 oz each Extra Sharp Cheddar, Swiss, Gouda, Montery Jack
  • Mascarpone Cheese 3-4 oz
  • Medium dry sherry 1- oz
  • Roasted garlic ,1 Tbsp (optional)
  • Prepared horseradish , 1 tsp to taste
  • Blis Blast hot sauce, 1 tbsp to taste
  • Truffle sauce, 1 tsp to taste

Cheese Spread recipe for crudités

Feeds 3/4

Time to clean up the cheese bin? You have company coming and none of your cheese options are a nice enough for a platter. Easy peasy, this cheese spread is a winner everytime.

The basics:

3-4 oz of several cheeses ( Extra Sharp cheddar is a must in our house)

Cheddar, Swiss, Havarti, Gouda, Montery Jack etc  -( whatever you have on hand!)

Shred in the food processor fitted with shredding disc ( the food processor makes this a quick task but it is hardly daunting with a hand held grater.)

Remove from processor and switch to chopping blade. Return shredded cheese to work bowl.

Add in ….Mascarpone ( about 3-4 oz) It REALLY is worth the difference but if you don’t have it at your grocer substitute equal amount of cream cheese ( full fat) and add a Tbsp of heavy cream)

Blend well ( 10-20 2-3 seconded pulses scraping down bowl as needed)

Add in 1 oz ( jigger) of medium dry sherry ( Dry Sack is always a good choice)

This is the BASE cheese spread. Delicious on assorted vegetables or crackers.

Additional add ins   ( I will often pull out several ramekins and do one of each)

1 teaspoon Truffle Sauce ( will give beautiful flecks of real truffle and incredible taste!)


1 teaspoon ( or more to taste) good quality prepared horseradish.


Roasted Garlic ( a heaping spoonful)


Bliss Blast Hot Sauce ( 1 -2 tablespoons to taste)

Bacon- chop up a piece of bacon and add in.

Spread will keep for up to a week covered in the fridge. Easy to make up on Sunday and have on hand for unexpected guests at cocktail hour all week. Any leftover at the end of the week can be added into mac-n-cheese or broiled on toast!


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