Pommery Sherry Vinegar

Sherry vinegar from Spain

A true sherry vinegar is a must for a well-stocked kitchen. Much like true balsamic of Modena, sherry vinegar is regulated by the Spanish government to meet requirements of origin in the “sherry triangle” of Spain and aging in oak barrels. Jerez is the Spanish term for sherry. This vinegar has a 7% acidity and a wonderful rich flavor. It is perfect for marinades, de-glazing and adding spark to vegetables. Given it has a base of sherry it is delightful in creamed spinach or seafood bisque. It is the perfect finishing touch to lentils as well as sautéed greens! Packaged in a sandstone crock bottle to protect from light as well as look lovely on your counter. 16.9 oz (500ml).

Pommery sherry vinegar–the real thing!

Weight: 1 lb
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Weight 1 lb

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Pommery is a centuries old company which delights in keeping historic recipes. Originating in ancient mustard production by monks, they became the only company with the historic recipe of moutarde de Meaux. They also import traditional sherry vinegar from Spain and bottle in their signature sandstone bottles. Quality ingredients and honoring traditional methods result in a superior mustard unmatched by today's supermarket varieties.

How to Prep/Store

Sherry vinegar stores easily in a cool pantry area. Its stoneware bottle  will naturally protect from destructive sunlight.

Recipe Ideas

Perfect for deglazing pans when searing chicken or meats. A simple addition of chilled butter afterwards makes a quick and delicious pan sauce. A splash on French green lentils will add dimension to their already unique flavor. Pommery sherry vinegar is also great for a finishing touch to Manhattan clam chowder or to liven up a crab bisque tableside.